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The MDS Exchange provides qualified and thorough minimum data set services that ensure your resident needs are fully understood and addressed. Instead of dealing with the drawn-out recruiting, training, and intake process needed when relying on a MDS coordinator yourself, allow the MDS Exchange to take the wheel. With our experienced and talented nurses on your side, you can focus on enhancing your quality of care and other daily operations.


The MDS Exchange consists of experienced and talented nurses who are AAPACN Certified and who have a strong commitment to excellence. Our goal is to become a trusted partner within each of the communities we serve. As a remote partner, we can accommodate and support facility needs across the country. We are on-call and available to assist with the development of effective systems to ensure MDS accuracy, skilled care and case mix management, and to help identify risk and opportunities that will enhance the quality of care and services provided. The MDS Exchange team will collaborate with you to improve your standard of practice and to help implement subsequent improvement measures. Our team is well-versed in the ever-changing reimbursement system and we are passionate about the provision of high-impact and low-cost MDS/Skilled care management.

Minimum Data Set
Minumun Data Set


Unlike the traditional minimum data experts of the past, the MDS Exchange team requires no extensive training or on-boarding processes to get right to work. Our team is already deeply entrenched in the world of minimum data set procedures as experienced nurses, ensuring that we can intricately assess the details of your facility’s needs and how we can address them. With this innovative process, your facility may save valued funds spent on additional experts, extended deadlines, and constant oversight. The MDS Exchange is here to tackle any issues that arise through the MDS process.


Because we operate through the power of the world wide web, we are always on-call to discuss any requests, concerns, or questions with your team. While our headquarters are based in Lafayette, Colorado, we have the ability to serve any facility in any state through our online software tools. Using PointClickCare, virtual meeting tools, and rapid communication, it will feel like our minimum data set team is just down the hall—even if we’re on the other side of the country. That way, as you add new facilities, expand services, and require greater minimum data set needs, we’ll be right there with you.

Minimum Data Set
Minimum Data Set


One of our five foundations of excellence is quality — and as such, we consider your facility’s needs to be absolutely paramount. With our minimum data set services, we won’t skim or skip over any critical questions in the daunting 700+ MDS questionnaire. Every query deserves adequate attention and understanding, which is why we will regularly reference electronic health records and staff insights, meeting daily with the entire team to ensure all areas are addressed.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”—Benjamin Franklin

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