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The MDS Exchange

We discovered a need to form the MDS Exchange after going through the MDS completion process countless times within our own facilities. The MDS Exchange was formed in 2018 to address this need for all care facilities throughout the United States. Over time we have earned a strong, positive reputation in the industry.

Some of our skilled nursing facilities are located in small, rural areas where licensed nurses that are knowledgeable and experienced in MDS management is difficult, if not impossible, to find. After struggling with the recruitment, training and retention of MDS nurses throughout these areas, we decided that there must to be a better system to ensure our MDS compliance and avoid such a complex and strenuous process.

After we researched the availability of remote support and resources, we discovered that no such service existed and we decided to develop and implement the MDS Exchange to fill this void. We have trialed the MDS Exchange remote services within our facilities and have been happy with the result. Now we are proud and excited to offer skilled nursing facilities from all corners of the country the MDS support and virtual guidance they need (with or without and onsite MDS coordinator) to achieve MDS and PDPM compliance and success.

We have a collective 137 years of experience working in the field of MDS management which means we can help your facility.

our values


The MDS Coordinator is a vital member of your team. The MDS Exchange will improve your processes and provide your team the right tools necessary to establish long-term success.


The MDS Exchange team works tirelessly in order to ensure care plan guidelines for each resident are followed and are compliant with ethical standards and Medicare requirements.


The MDS Exchange team has many years of experience which is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the results required by your facility. The MDS Exchange accepts nothing less than excellence.


The MDS Exchange will help your facility achieve the results required by helping you to create processes for introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies and services.

meet our team

Tracy Artz

MDS Exchange Specialist

Tracy began her health care journey in 1991.  Developing roles in nursing, therapy, and multiple leadership roles in long term care. She began in the MDS role in the early 2000’s. She finds the challenges of the MDS, and all its intricacies, fun and exciting. While Tracy recently joined the MDS Exchange, her knowledge has been an asset to the team and the communities for which serves. Tracy has her AAPACN (RAC-CT) certification.

Melissa French

MDS Exchange Specialist
Melissa French has been a nurse since 2003. Although she has worked in the acute care setting, Melissa found her passion in working with seniors within the long term care environment and has spent the last 10 years working in several roles including floor nurse, case management, and infection control preventionist. In 2017, Melissa began working as an MDS coordinator and has found it to be a great fit. Melissa joined the MDS Exchange team in 2019. Melissa is AAPACN-certified.

Stephanie Kurtz

Lead MDS Manager
Stephanie has worked in the long-term care setting since 2001. After honing her clinical skill-set in a variety of nursing positions including charge nurse, unit manager, MDS coordinator, assistant director of nursing, and director of nursing, Stephanie found her passion in the MDS role. Ensuring that residents and communities alike reap the benefits of good quality measures is a goal that Stephanie strives to achieve. Stephanie is a board-certified registered nurse in gerontological nursing and is AAPACN-certified.

Melissa Luna

MDS Exchange Specialist

Melissa has been in the healthcare Since 2004. Beginning her life’s ambition as a medical assistant and continuing her education earning both associate and bachelor’s degrees in nursing. Finding her passion to be in skilled nursing and long-term care, she worked in multiple roles until she found the MDS. Beginning her MDS career by helping cover vacations when working as a floor nurse.  She quickly knew that this was her niche. She has worked in nursing leadership roles but has always returned to the MDS. She finds MDS work rewarding and continues to expand her knowledge to provide care and improve patient outcomes. She is AAPACN (RAC-CT) certified.

Ashley Oubre

MDS Exchange Specialist
Ashley has been a nurse in Colorado since 2006. She began her career as floor nurse in the long term care environment before being promoted to various other roles such as a unit manager and obtained certifications in both wound care and in forensics. Ashley’s leadership skills and attention to detail prompted her interest in working as an MDS Coordinator. Prior to joining the MDS Exchange team, Ashley worked as an MDS Coordinator and successfully managed large skilled caseloads for over twelve years. Ashley is a registered nurse and is AAPACN-certified.

Sherri Pickett

MDS Exchange Specialist

Sherri is an RN and has worked in skilled care since 1998.  She began her career as a floor nurse and MDS Coordinator.  She was then promoted to various other positions, including unit manager, case manager, staff development coordinator, ADON and DON, while always keeping up to date with the MDS role and CMS changes.  After refining her skills in the various positions, she became certified in wound care and legal nurse consulting.  Sherri was drawn back to MDS where her strengths and attention to detail kept her thriving.  She joined the team at MDS Exchange and became AAPACN (RAC-CT) certified. Sherri enjoys working with communities to obtain accurate level of care and corresponding reimbursement.

Meredith Warner

MDS Exchange Specialist

As an RN Meredith began her voyage in nursing in 1996. Beginning her career in Pennsylvania and later moving to Colorado. She found her mission in skilled and long-term care working in multiple roles to include, charge nurse, staff development, MDS Coordinator, Case Management and Director of nursing. Before coming to the MDS Exchange she was the Director of Clinical Reimbursement and Quality Improvement Specialist for a local company.  She is AAPACN (RAC-CT) certified.

Austin Parnell

MDS Exchange Regional Director
Austin is an AAPACN-certified RN and has worked in skilled care since 2010. He began his nursing career in Liberal Kansas as a floor nurse. Identified as a leader early on, he quickly moved up the ranks as a charge nurse, assistant director of nursing, MDS coordinator, and finally as an interim director of nursing. Austin excelled in his role as an MDS coordinator, being chosen to lead the MDS Exchange program in Lafayette, Colorado. Austin has continued to prove himself as a leader, putting his impressive knowledge base to the test by developing procedures, perfecting methodologies, and managing the complex workings of Medicare requirements from the MDS perspective. He has been a vital participant in the development and management of the MDS Exchange program, and loves all of the clinical and technical aspects of forging this new venture.

Richard Cannon

Resource Utilization Director

Richard Cannon is a respected MDS practitioner with years of clinical expertise in senior-focused health care. Richard earned an associate degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas, El Paso, a nursing licensure from the US Army, and years of clinical expertise in both the adolescent psychiatric and the senior healthcare settings. Richard learned about the MDS process (in its infancy) during the early 1990s. He later became an expert in the MDS process, and in Medicare management through his 28+ years of multi-facility, multi-state leadership and oversight. Richard joined Frontline Management in 2014 and recruited other nurses who share his passion for the MDS. Richard provides MDS 3.0, Medicare Basics and PPS education for MDS Coordinators. He manages informatics for Frontline Management including PCC, Simple, and other clinical products. In 2019, Richard was an integral part of the development of a new, consultation partnership known as the MDS Exchange. Richard and his talented team of MDS nurses currently provide remote MDS services for a growing group of skilled nursing communities across the US. Richard carries advanced certifications with AAPACN.

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