The MDS Exchange provides qualified and thorough minimum data set services that ensure your resident needs are fully understood and addressed. Instead of dealing with the drawn-out recruiting, training, and intake process needed when relying on a MDS coordinator yourself, allow the MDS Exchange to take the wheel. With our experienced and talented nurses on your side, you can focus on enhancing your quality of care and other daily operation — we’ll focus on getting you there.



Choosing the MDS Exchange will undoubtedly result in valued savings for your facility. Because our team is well-versed in MDS preparation, we can immediately get to work on your assessment. Unlike in the case of an in-house MDS Coordinator where recruitment, downtime, training, and supervision is inevitable, our team operates as a single unit to get the job done efficiently and accurately. Think you may need several new hires to get the MDS job done? Think again. The MDS Exchange team can tackle your entire MDS caseload.

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When hiring and retaining an in-house MDS coordinator, providing initial and ongoing training is necessary. MDS completion requires a deep knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, and best standards and practices to ensure that no areas are overlooked or misunderstood, and that inaccuracies are minimized. With the MDS Exchange team, you have access to AAPACN certified professionals that know the most current and updated CMS requirements and guidelines – we’re ready to tackle any MDS challenge.


Unlike an on-site MDS coordinator or MDS consultant, the MDS Exchange team isn’t limited by location or time. If you need our help, we’re there. With rural locations, you’re often limited in terms of talent and experience, but with the MDS Exchange, access to MDS professionals is just a phone call or email away. We’re happy to meet daily via virtual conference to discuss any questions you may have or to assist you with your MDS and PDPM process. If in the future you decide to expand your facilities into several states or regions, we’re happy to follow you there.
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The experienced MDS Exchange team is ready to take off running with your last-minute MDS needs. Our team can help you minimize potential regulatory and monetary penalties due to MDS inaccuracies and delays.


One of the most important aspects of a positive customer experience is trust. The MDS Exchange team has been diligently working with skilled nursing facilities across the country and have forged a positive relationship with each one through the successful management of the MDS process. One executive director stated, “I have been very happy with the support my team receives. We have seen improved care and saved money.”  State surveyors have said “I love this process. It just works” and “Can I recommend this to buildings in need?” 

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All MDS Exchange team members are compassionate AAPACN-certified nurses who are also experienced in:

  • PointClickCare
  • Quality Measures/Reporting
  • Case Mix Management
  • Medicare Management
  • MDS System Management
  • MDS Training and Education
  • Data Integrity Reviews
  • PDPM
  • Care Plans
  • Net Health
  • RUGS III and IV

Several team members also hold certifications in wound care, forensics, and ICD10 coding.

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If your facility is in need of MDS support, or if you would simply like to explore your options, don’t wait. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!