Discover how our remote guidance can help you enhance your resident care plans while following the standards set by the Resident Assessment Instrument Manual.

The scope of our support includes:

  • Meetings via virtual conference to discuss new admissions, pending MDS assessments, and nurse training
  • Creating customized patient testing and performance procedures that meet various MDS parameters
  • Training skilled nursing staff on proper observation and testing as it relates to MDS assessments
  • Assessing records and information via PointClickCare EHR and other secure resources
  • Encouraging superior resident/patient care by optimizing the MDS process and entire system as a whole
  • Providing high-impact, low-cost MDS assessments and skilled care management that evolves with you
  • Analyzing systems to meet the ever-changing MDS/Clinical environment on a consistent basis, with an emphasis on the new patient driven payment model
  • Improving and enhancing standards of practice, quality care, services, and accurately completing the MDS assessment.

Understanding the new Patient Driven Payment Model

Replacing the existing Medicare RUG IV model, the new Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is focused on reimbursement as it relates to resident classifications and anticipated needs. Instead of therapy minutes needed, reimbursement is calculated based on a case-mix classification system that encompasses how much care a resident is expected to need, how it will evolve, and how your skilled nursing facility will provide this care. With this change expected to take effect October 2019, it is important that your facility understands how to cater to this new patient driven payment model most effectively.

mds exchange is your PDPM partner

As this change makes waves in your facility, it is more vital than ever to ensure your MDS assessments are executed accurately. Previous MDS assessments were focused heavily on therapy minutes performed per resident as the previous RUG plan reflected; now with the anticipated Payment Driven Payment Model, the focus of your skilled nursing facility care is much broader, and as such, MDS assessments have been revised to be more far-reaching and accurate in classification. With such a complex change, it is critical to have a team on your side that understands the ins and outs of the MDS, and can adapt their skillset to meet the needs of your facility and the new Patient Driven Payment Model. The MDS Exchange has decades of compassionate nursing experience within our own facilities, hospitals, and other health care practices.

The MDS Exchange is committed to providing a sweeping, detailed, and accurate MDS assessment for all of your valued residents, ensuring the new patient driven payment model better serves both them and you.

With our 24/7 MDS support and guidance, you can:

  • Improve regulatory compliance through increased accuracy
  • Enhance risk management
  • Ensure patients receive most appropriate benefits
  • Access up-to-date MDS information and training
  • Experience no downtime throughout process
  • Improve quality & quantity — discuss QMs as they arise

With our help, the MDS Exchange will optimize patient care, and ultimately, patient outcomes.

Patient health always comes first with The MDS Exchange

If your facility is in need of secure and efficient MDS support, the answer is MDS Exchange. With trusted nurses, cutting-edge electronic software, and an unshakable commitment to quality care, you can rest easy knowing your patients are in safe hands. We vow to handle your patient records, facility details, and livelihood as our own, with a prioritized focus on open communications and secure operations.

If you are ready to adapt to the new MDS exchange model, expand your scope of services and enhance patient care, connect with the MDS Exchange today.

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